English Mechanic and World of Science
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Facsimile available on DVDs
The entire newspaper going back to volume 1 is available as facsimile copies over 14 DVDs, with the benefit of searching the full text of the publication. DVDs are 18 each or 216 for the set saving an extra 36. Reduced for members of the Society for the History of Astronomy or the Society of Ornamental Turners to 14 each or 168 for the set. This price allows you to copy the DVDs onto a single computer for access by one person at a time.
For institutions I can offer a multiple user/computer licence for 40 per DVD or 480 the set which includes an external hard disk with the DVDs pre-loaded.
These DVDs can be obtained direct for the publisher, contact enquiry@englishmechanic.com for details.

Save by ordering on a USB memory stick
Since the they were originally published back in 2006 the prices and capacities of USB memory sticks has fallen considerably, so I am now able to offer a discount of 25% to the above prices for delivery on a USB memory stick (as I save on production time and postage costs)
volumescovering ISBN          volumescovering ISBN
109 to 124January 1921 to October 1926 0-9545807-4-5     50 to 57August 1889 to August 18931-905383-06-1
98 to 108July 1913 to January 19210-9545807-5-3     42 to 49September 1885 to August 18891-905383-05-3
90 to 97August 1909 to July 19130-9545807-6-1     34 to 41September 1881 to August 18851-905383-04-5
82 to 89August 1905 to July 19090-9545807-7-X     26 to 33September 1877 to September 18811-905383-03-7
74 to 81August 1901 to August 19050-9545807-8-8     18 to 25September 1873 to September 18771-905383-02-9
66 to 73August 1897 to August 19010-9545807-9-6     10 to 17September 1869 to September 18731-905383-01-0
58 to 65August 1893 to August 18971-905383-07-X     1 to 9March 1865 to September 18691-905383-00-2

Samples and Specialist extracts

Sample DVD: facsimile samples one weekly issue from each volume(1-124) plus the full text search (refundable on other DVDs)

Custom CD: Let us search the English Mechanic for you, we then fill up a CD with just the issues of interest. Contact us

Ornamental Turning: extracted articles and letters, 1865-1927
Note 3xCDs have same content as single DVD, order CDs only if you don't have a DVD drive!
1-905383-08-5 (DVD) 24

1-905383-09-2 (3xCD) 26

Motor Vechicles: extracted articles and letters, 1872-1924
A compilation of motor cycles/tricycles/cars/vans petrol and steam, plans and photographs.
Over 660 pages of information. Click here for contents listing
1-905383-10-8 (CD)15